350 +/- Acres, Old HWY 60 Loop, Irvington, Kentucky

Parcel # 113-8

THIS – NEW LISTING! 350ACRES It’s rare to find  a farm of this size located so close to a main highway, but here it is. According to the PVA there is 165 acres of open land and 185 acres of woods. From front to back this property runs more than a mile.  That creates a lot of possibilities for different types of buyers. What are you looking for? Could this be just what you are looking for? Old Hwy. 60 Loop, Irvington. And the price? Oh My Goodness – $1,350 per acre. $473,148.


  1. rick balzer says:

    are the owners willing to sub devide. im looking for 20 -30 acres.

    • Rick,
      Thanks for checking us out. The owners aren’t willing to split this tract up at this time, however, we are working towards that goal. Nothing will happen on this front until after the new year. We have another listing of 20 acres in the Custer area off Hwy. 86. It’s priced at $64,000. It’s mostly open with appx. 7 acres of woods, and bordered by a creek at the rear. Please give us a call at 270-756-6220.

  2. rick balzer says:

    hi roger, thanks for checking on that for me , im looking for 20-30 hunting acres at 1200 -1300 an acre.

    • Ricky,
      Last e-mail with you on this tract was 12-12-14. Are you willing to wait to see if we can split this up or ready to look at other tracts? I do have a 20 acre tract in the Custer area that is partially wooded and bordered by a creek for $64,000. Thanks.

  3. Richard Thurman says:

    E-mail me about this property please. Wondering if it’s still for sale

    • Richard,
      Sorry but this has been sold. Our web site person has been running behind on updates. This is going to be tracted up and resold in smaller tracts. Would you be interested in that or are you looking for large tracts?

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